Terrific Toyo Winter Tires and Winter Tire Technology

TOYO Winter Tires Are Safe and Reliable Winter Tires For Passenger Cars, Light Trucks, Vans and SUV’s

TOYO tires are a great choice for drivers wanting a safe and dependable winter drive.TOYO-observe-gsi5-logo-250x51

With a complete size range for passenger, light truck, SUV, CUV or van applications, the GSi5 offers exceptional traction to make sure you and your loved ones get home safely during our tough Canadian winters.

A Winter Tire That Performs

Whether you’re driving in snow, slush, ice or slippery roads, the Observe GSi5  tire has the technology to handle all winter and cold weather driving conditions.

The GSi5 is designed with Microbit Technology to provide improved snow and enhanced ice performance.

Toyo takes winter driving and safety seriously and with Toyo tires you can too!

With Toyo tires you’ll enjoy the following fantastic features:

Micobit Technology in Compound

Crushed walnut shells embedded in the tire tread compound dig and bite into the ice surface for improved traction.

Absorbent Carbonic Powder

Absorb moisture on the road allowing the tire and its technology to better contact the road surface for increased performance.

Large Tread Blocks with Saw Toothed Edges

For improved traction in snow and slush when braking or accelerating.

Wide Lateral Grooves

Evacuate slush for better road grip.

First Edge Sipe Technology

3D – Multi-Wave Sipes. Increased sipe density to increase ice traction.

Multi-wave sipes to increase tread block rigidity.

Continuous Centre Rib with Swing Sipe

Ensures straight line stability while increasing ice traction in all directions.

Unidirectional Tread Pattern

A Unidirectional Tread Pattern optimizes traction for both braking and acceleration.

Arrow Lift Technology

Helps propel the vehicle through slushy or snowy rutted roads.

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