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Code Alarm CA5554 Two-Way LCD 2500′ Range Car Remote Start Keyless Entry System

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Code Alarm's CA5554 remote start system allows you the luxury of warming up your vehicle in the dead of winter,… read more

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0.5 kg
20 x 20 x 15 cm
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$249.99 $189.99

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Code Alarm's CA5554 remote start system allows you the luxury of warming up your vehicle in the dead of winter, even when it's parked at the far end of the mall. On the other side of the coin, you can leave the beach in the middle of summer, cross a sweltering parking lot, and jump into your cool, air-conditioned ride. The system features a 2-way remote that beeps and indicates that your vehicle has obeyed the command. The remotes have a range of up to 2500 feet — that's almost half a mile — but don't worry: you'll always be able to find your vehicle in that crowded parking lot when the Car Finder feature beeps the horn for you.

More features

With this system, you can also unlock and lock your car or pop open the trunk if you want, and you'll appreciate the override switch for valet parking. The system offers an auxiliary output that allows you to operate an additional function, like turning on the dome light or even running the defroster. The CA5554 will work with most cars with automatic transmissions, and can be programmed to work with many vehicles with manual transmissions as well.

Important Note: Because of safety concerns, we strongly recommend professional installation for remote start systems in vehicles with manual transmissions.

You can program the system to start your car automatically at the same time every day, for dependable commuting. You can even program it to start your vehicle when the temperature dips below a set level, which is useful in extreme cold conditions when you want to keep engine fluids from freezing. And you can set the run time to limit how much gas your vehicle uses while warming up.


  • 2-way remote start and keyless entry system
  • works with fuel injected, diesel, and hybrid vehicles with automatic transmissions
  • Programmable Manual Transmission Mode
  • one LCD 2-way remote — up to 2500-foot range
  • one 4-button 1-way remote — up to 2500-foot range
  • remote door lock/unlock and trunk release
  • glass-mount antenna with red LED and valet switch
  • Progressive Car Finder
  • 24 Hour Time Start Mode
  • user programmable run time
  • Panic Mode features Real Panic Sound randomized horn warnings to attract more attention
  • compatible with FlashLogic FLCAN vehicle interface module
  • one auxiliary output
  • Telematic Interface Port for adding Car Connection Pro to monitor the vehicle's fuel economy, alerts, and location
  • warranty: limited lifetime

In the box

  • CA-5554 control module
  • CATLCD 2-way 5-button LCD remote transmitter
  • CAT4 4-button 1-way remote transmitter (with CR2016 battery installed)
  • 2 Key rings (1 in bag / 1 installed on remote)
  • AAA battery (for LCD remote)
  • Antenna/LED/Valet module (with self-adhesive pad)
  • 11-pin Main harness with 20" 30" 36" and 78" leads (part #41201850)
  • 3-pin Parking Light harness with 24" 30" and 36" leads and in-line 15A ATO fuse (part #41201031)
  • 6-pin Start harness with 20" leads and in-line 20A and 30A ATO fuses (part #41201101)
  • 4-pin Alternate Output harness with 20" leads (part #41201021)
  • 2-pin Lock Output harness with 36" leads (part #41201061)
  • 4-pin Antenna/LED/Valet harness with flat 8' cable (part #41202910)
  • Spring-loaded pin switch (with three hex nuts and an external-tooth lock washer)
  • Owner's Guide
  • Installation Guide
  • Warning sticker

General Features

Overview: The Code-Alarm CA5554 Remote Start and Keyless Entry System, a part of the Professional Series line, will remotely start your vehicle, or lock/unlock your doors with a push of a button. The remote start feature offers you the convenience of warming up your car on a cold day, or cooling it down on a hot day. The CA5554 is not a car security system. The system comes with one 2-way LCD 5-button remote and one 1-way 4-button remote.

Glass-Mount Antenna: The included glass-mount antenna includes two blue LEDs and the valet switch built in. Typically, the antenna is mounted high on your windshield near the rear-view mirror, using the provided dual-sided adhesive pad. This location gives you optimal range for the remotes, high visibility for the status LEDs, and a convenient location for the valet switch/programming button.

Data Bus Interface (DBI) Port: The control module has a 4-pin Data Bus Interface (DBI) port, which allows you to plug in an optional FlashLogic Transponder/Door Lock/Remote Start Interface (220FLCAN) directly into the system. These modules, compatible with many late model vehicles, can save considerable installation time by eliminating the need to find and splice various wires within the vehicle. Typical connections that are made with the interfaces include tachometer, brake, door locks, and ignition/starter.

Note: Even with the interface, there will be some required splicing into your vehicle's factory wiring.

Telematic Interface Port: The control module has 4-pin port for Telematic Interface accessories, such as Car Connection Pro, which can control Door Unlock Control, Trunk Release, Sliding Doors, AUX output, and Car Find, as well as Remote Start through a mobile device. The Car Connection Pro plugs between the control module and your vehicle's OBDII port, and helps you monitor and maintain your vehicle. You can accurately monitor your fuel economy, maintenance, and even manage the location of your vehicle within outlined perimeters. AY-harness is available for connecting the Car Connection Pro module, if needed.

LCD Remote: The CA5554 comes with a 2-way 5-button LCD remote (CATLCD), and a 1-way, 4-button remote transmitter (CAT4). Both remotes operate at 433 MHz to give you a range of up to 2500 feet. The LCD remote lets you check the status of your vehicle through the use of icons in the display. You can set the remote to play a melody when it receives a response from the vehicle, or simply vibrate. The two remotes have four common buttons: Lock, Unlock, Car Find/Panic, and Start. The LCD remote also has a Function button. The 2-way LCD remote uses a single AAA battery (included), while the 1-way remote requires one CR2016 battery (installed). Additional remotes (up to a total of 4) can be programmed to operate the remote start system/keyless entry.

2-Car Mode: With the 2-way 5-button LCD remote, the CA5554 can control a second vehicle (with a similar system installed) when in 2-Car Mode. You can toggle between two vehicles using a special 3-button command. The LCD remote will display a "II" icon when the second vehicle is activated.

Parking Meter Countdown: Using the LCD remote, you can keep track of the remaining time on a parking meter. The parking meter countdown timer has 6 preset times to choose from. In addition to the parking meter countdown, the LCD remote has a clock with an alarm clock and other timers.

Transmitter Verification: As a safety precaution, each time the vehicle's ignition is turned on, the status LED will flash the number of transmitters programmed into the system. This helps identify and prevent unauthorized transmitters from accessing your vehicle.

Keyless Entry Features

Keyless Entry: The CA5554 can lock and unlock your car's doors with a single press of the appropriate button. The parking lights will flash once when the doors are unlocked and twice when the doors are locked.

Note: When interfacing with any other type of factory door lock system besides negative switching locks, or when adding aftermarket actuators, two relays (such as two 120E5000s) or a door lock module (220DLRKP) will be required. If your vehicle requires the use of a Data Integration module that controls your factory door locks, no extra parts besides the Data Integration module will be required.

Two Stage Door Unlock: You can program the unit to unlock the doors in two steps: the first press of the unlock button will unlock the driver's door only. If pressed again, the system will unlock the remaining doors.

Silent Choice: The Silent Choice feature allows you to control the audible responses when the doors are locked or unlocked. When Silent Choice is activated, a second press of the "lock" button is required to activate an audible response from the vehicle. If your system is set up for a two-step unlock, a third press is required for an audible response. The system default is Silent Choice enabled. (Requires connection to the vehicle's horn circuit--a120E5000 relay may be needed.)

Trunk Release: You can open the vehicle's trunk by pressing and holding the unlock button for 3 seconds. An additional relay and a trunk-release solenoid may be required.

Auxiliary Output: The system has an auxiliary output that can activate an optional feature, such as operating power windows or a sunroof. Additional relays may be required.

Car Finder: The Progressive Car Finder feature helps you to locate your vehicle. A single press of the Car Finder/Panic button will cause the parking lights to flash and honk the horn 5 times at low volume. Each time you press the button, the horn honk volume will increase. (Requires connection to the vehicle's horn circuit--a120E5000 relay may be needed.)

Panic Mode: The Personal Protection Alarm, also known as the Panic Mode, will flash the parking lights and honk the horn to draw attention to you or your vehicle. The system can utilize a random "Real Panic Sound" output, which differs from a traditional, rhythmic horn honk used by some systems. You can activate and deactivate the Personal Protection Alarm by pressing the Car Finder/Panic button for 3 seconds. (Requires connection to the vehicle's horn circuit--a120E5000 relay may be needed.)

Remote Start Features

Remote Start Operation: The Code-Alarm CA5554 can remotely start your vehicle using the remote transmitters. When activated by pressing the remote start button twice within 2 seconds, the system will flash or turn on the parking lights to confirm the vehicle was started. The engine will remain running for a pre-programmed amount of time (5, 10, 15, 20, 45, or 60 minutes). Before operating the vehicle, you will need to insert the key, turn to the On position, and depress the brake to disengage the starter procedure.

Manual Transmission Compatible: The CA5554 has a Remote Start Ready mode that must be enabled in order to start a vehicle with a manual transmission. By following a specific procedure when exiting the vehicle, the system is capable of remotely starting the vehicle the next time you drive.

Note: Because of safety concerns, we strongly recommend professional installation for remote start systems in vehicles with manual transmissions.

Extended Run Times: You can extend the time the vehicle will be running under the remote start system. By pressing the remote start button 4 times, the run time will reset to the beginning of the current run time cycle.

Failure to Start: If your vehicle stalls or does not start, the system will pause 5 seconds, then try two more times to start the vehicle. If the vehicle fails to start after the third attempt, the system will abort the remote starting process.

Preheating/Precooling: Before exiting the vehicle, you should set the temperature controls to the desired setting and operation. When the vehicle is started the next time, the heater or air conditioner will be activated to heat or cool the vehicle's interior to your setting.

Temperature Start Mode: The CA5554 has the ability to start the vehicle if the temperature drops below a preset temperature threshold. Once activated, the system will only start the vehicle one time based on the temperature setting, and will be canceled if the vehicle is started with the key or remote started by the transmitter. The control module has a built-in temperature gauge, which is typically installed below the dashboard of the vehicle. The Temperature Start mode replaces the 2 or 3 Hour Start feature found in the CA5054 and CA5154.

Daily Start Timer: If you want the car started at the same time each day, you can set the system to start a daily 24-hour timer. You can operate the vehicle any time during the 24-hour period. When you are finished driving the vehicle at the end of the day, you will need to complete the steps to set the system to start when the timer expires.

Special Vehicle Accommodations: The remote start can be configured to accommodate a variety of vehicle engine types. You can program the remote start for a gasoline engine, with no delay for the starter output wire. You can also program the unit for a diesel engine with a delay in the starter output wire of 10, 15, 20, or 45 seconds after the ignition has been powered up by the remote start. This delay is required in order for the diesel engine's glow plugs to become ready to start the engine. The system also features a special compatibility for a hybrid vehicle.

Quick Stop: This feature allows you to keep the engine running and the vehicle secure while you make a short stop, taking the keys with you.

Tach Programming: The system will not operate unless tach is programmed, or the tachless option is turned on. The CA5554 will learn the tach rate of most vehicle's single coil, multiple coil packs, or single injector. The Smart Tachless mode is available only if a tach signal has never been learned to the system. When activated, the Smart Tachless mode will automatically be set as the Tach Mode for the system without the need of further programming. The parking lights provide an indication of which Tach mode has been chosen:

  • Tach: hard wired directly to the tach wire of the vehicle to monitor AC voltage.
  • Tachless (Crank Average / Voltage): determines crank time by averaging the last 8 times the vehicle was started with the key, then monitors the change in voltage after remote start.
  • Hybrid (Crank Average / No Voltage): determines crank time by averaging the last 8 times the vehicle was started with the key.
  • DBI Port: monitors the vehicle's tach rate through an interface module connected to the DBI port.

Safety Features: For safety and security reasons, the system will shut down or prevent the remote starter from activating if any of the following occur:

  • The vehicle hood is open.
  • The gear shift selector is not in Park.
  • The brake pedal is depressed prior to turning the ignition key to the On position.
  • The valet mode is active.

Additional information

0.5 kg
20 x 20 x 15 cm

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