Performance & Exhaust Product Catalogues

Currently we are working on creating a digital collection of product catalogues for all manufacturers we offer.

See below for our current online performance & exhaust product catalogue collection.

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Body Armour 4×4

Body Armour offers a variety of excellent products for you to choose from.


Check out their 32 page brochure above for an idea of what they have to offer.

Body Armour 4×4 2018 Brochure (32 Pages – 20.6 MBs)



Magnaflow is a leader in the exhaust space with plenty of great products to help every application.


Check out their catalogue and discover 71 pages of great Magnaflow info.

Magnaflow Products and Performance Catalogue (44.9 MBs – 71 Pages)



As the originator of aftermarket performance exhaust systems, Borla Performance products are unique in three ways:

  1. They are made from exotic materials, such as stainless steel, titanium and carbon fiber.
  2. They come with a warranty that outlasts a vehicle’s life.
  3. Their muffler design allows for a bolt-on and easy fit.

For more than three decades, hundreds of other exhaust suppliers have attempted to copy our winning formula, but haven’t come close.

Borla Performance remains the world’s leader in upgrades for performance exhaust systems.


BORLA Exhaust Catalogue (29 Pages – 7.41 MBs)