Marine Audio Product Catalogues

Currently we are working on creating a digital collection of product catalogues for all manufacturers we offer.

See below for our current online catalogue collection of Marine Audio Catalogues.

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Fusion Marine Audio 2018 Catalogue (9.7 MBs)


Fusion APOLLO Series Marine Audio 2018 Catalogue (13.7 MBs)


American Bass

American Bass Marine Catalogue (5.38 MB’s – 5 Pages)

KICKER Marine Audio

The KICKER Marine Audio catalogue is contained within the main Kicker catalogue, which is 126 pages long.

You can find the KICKER Marine section of the catalogue from page 64 to page 83.


KICKER Marine Amps feature circuit boards that are coated to completely seal and keep them dry from water and debris.
The KICKER Marine Amp’s anodized-aluminum chassis looks like brushed aluminum, but the anodizing process hardens the surface for the best protection.
They are assembled using rust-free, stainless-steel fasteners, which are also included for mounting. All electrical connections and audio-specific controls are gasket-sealed to prevent moisture intrusion.



Soundstream Marine Powersports (2 Pages – 9.49 Mbs)