The BEST Barrie Winter Tires Sale Is Going On Now

Here at DH Performance and Sound we have the best deals on Barrie Winter Tires and wheels.

Our great selection of winter tires will give your car, SUV or truck terrific traction when you need it most.

Our ZETA ANTARCTICA Winter Tires Are on SALE

Tire BrandTire SizeRetail PriceOur Sale PriceAdd To Cart
ANTARCTICA ICE175/65R14$128.14$68.05Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE185/65R14$138.10$71.79Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE185/60R15$151.48$76.81Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE185/65R15 $151.48$76.81Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE195/60R15$147.90$75.46Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE195/65R15$212.56$99.71Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE205/55R16$176.40$86.15Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE205/60R16$186.96$90.11Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE215/60R16$194.56$92.96Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE215/65R16$199.99$97.48Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE225/60R16$215.56$99.99Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE215/55R17$190.72$91.52Add-To-Cart-Button
ANTARCTICA ICE225/45R17$190.72$91.52Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE225/50R17$190.72$91.52Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE225/55R17$253.38$115.02Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE225/40R18$238.16$109.31Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA ICE245/45R18$253.38$115.02Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT215/70R16$231.92$106.97Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT265/70R17$360.96$135.36Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT225/65R17$250.68$113.99Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT235/65R17$316.18$147.99Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT215/60R17$224.64$109.99Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT225/60R17$236.76$108.79Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT275/55R20$236.76$108.79Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT245/45R20$299.40$132.28Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT225/75R16-10PR$298.99$132.08Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT245/75R16-10PR$354.34$152.88Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT235/65R16-10PR$354.34$117.76Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT265/70R17-10PR$360.96$155.36Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT275/40R20$229.90$144.71Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT275/60R20$385.90$164.71Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA SPORT315/35R20$381.90$163.21Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5175/65R14$119.78$64.92Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5175/70R14$122.16$65.81Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5185/60R14$123.42$67.27Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5185/65R14$128.72$68.27Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5175/65R15$130.44$68.92Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5185/55R15$140.24$72.59Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5185/60R15$134.82$70.56Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5195/55R15$144.94$74.35Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5195/60R15$145.40$74.53Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5205/65R15$164.22$81.58Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5195/55R16$156.20$78.58Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5205/60R16$175.00$85.63Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5215/55R16$179.84$87.44Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5215/60R16$185.88$89.71Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5215/65R16$194.60$92.98Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5225/55R16$197.12$93.92Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5205/50R17$181.96$88.24Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5205/55R17$189.44$91.04Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 5215/50R17$192.54$92.20Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 6215/70R16$231.92$102.34Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 6235/55R17$232.48$107.18Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 6235/65R17$271.28$121.73Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 6245/65R17$281.08$105.41Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 6245/70R17$336.32$146.12Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper
ANTARCTICA 6255/55R18$317.44$139.04Add-To-Cart-Button-Proper

We carry many different brands of winter tire and can help you change over any brand of winter tires onto your vehicle.

This year we did a special buy and are offering extra special pricing on the following Winter Tire brands:why-you-need-winter-tires-in-barrie-ontario


Additionally we can get you a great price on all other brands of tires as well.

If there is a specific brand you are looking for we will be happy to help you get it.

Many of our customers have told us they are looking for a high quality tire for a great price.

This is why we became a ZETA ANTARCTICA dealer because ANTARCTICA series of tires are truly great quality for an amazing price.

Plus all of the ANTARTICA tires we carry are mountain snowflake certified.

ANTARCTICA Are Mountain Snowflake Certified Winter Tires

You might be wondering: “What does it mean when a winter tire is mountain snowflake certified?”

The mountain snowflake symbol indicates your Barrie winter tire meets the minimum requirements for providing traction in harsh conditions.

The ANTARCTIC brand of tires and the Barrie winter tires sale we have going on now features tires which not only meet the symbol’s requirements they exceed the safety specs.

A three-peak mountain snowflake symbol branded on the tire’s sidewall indicates the tire meets required performance criteria in snow testing to be considered severe snow service rated.

You might be wondering why tires marked M+S (‘mud’ and ‘snow’), also known as all-season tires, don’t have the severe service symbol.

That is because all-season tires are safe for most conditions, but they are not designed to give grip on ice or in sub-zero weather.


In fact, all-season and summer tires become hard at temperatures below 7 C.  This means when it is cold and icy out – when you need tire traction the most – all season tires will leave you with reduced traction and unsafe handling.

The new symbol was created to distinguish winter tires from all-season tires.

An added bonus of having tires with the three peak mountain snowflake symbol is many insurance companies will give you a discount on your car insurance if you use them

Superior safety and savings on your Barrie Winter Tires: Gotta love it.



ANTARCTICA tires are specially developed winter tires for use in the harshest conditions.

The balanced tread profile provides excellent driving characteristics and a shorter braking distance.

Optimum high-density sipes and pitch arrangement give superior water drainage and snow removal.



V-shaped directional studdable tread design integrating comfort and safety on ice and snow surfaces.

The advanced tread compound formulation of these tires is specially fitted for very low temperature conditions.

Enhances pulling capacity and traction performance on heavy ice due to optimized stud pin position combined with multi-sipe groove arrangement.



The ANTARCTICA 5 series of tire features an innovative “V-type” directional tread design with wide longitudinal grooves ensures rapid water dispersal in these areas.

High density sipes provides a wider contact area of the road surface, thereby give more grip and traction to the vehicle.

Wide shoulder blocks with special compound guarantee improvement in cornering stability, and comfortable driving conditions under high speed.



The ANTARCTICA 6 is the perfect series of tire to take you wherever you want to go in the snow.

Here at DH Performance and Sound we are just North of Toronto (AKA “The Six.”)

How cool would it be to go for a cruise in the 6 with your wheels wrapped in the rubber of the new ANTARCTICA 6.  No doubt Drake would approve.

Special profile design on shoulder shape helps achieve excellent grip on both snow and ice.

Large directional blocks give a safe and reliable option for SUV vehicles.

Providing safer and more efficient traction on all winter road surfaces – snow, ice or slush.

Small holes evenly distributed on the shoulder area, efficiently eliminate the risk of side slip on the road.

Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tires

Currently we have 198 different sizes of Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires.


Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tires

ManufacturerDescriptionSizeRetail PriceOur Sale Price
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BWP275/65R18 114R $533$267.18
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-80 RFT BWP225/65R17 100H Runflat$511$257.06
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LT BWLT255/75R17 111R $474$240.04
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW235/50R19 99H $510$256.6
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW235/60R16 100T $332$174.72
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-500 BW155/70R19 84Q $380$196.8
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BWP245/50R20 102T $545$272.7
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW195/50R16 84H $353$184.38
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW205/55R16 94V XL$392$202.32
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW225/45R17 94V XL$499$251.54
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW225/40R18 92V XL$575$286.5
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW245/40R19 98V XL$743$363.78
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW225/50R17 98H XL$519$260.74
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW245/45R18 100V XL$668$329.28
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW225/45R18 95V XL$620$307.2
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW235/45R18 98V XL$614$304.44
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW255/40R18 99V XL$646$319.16
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW235/45R17 97V XL$585$291.1
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW245/55R18 103V $604$299.84
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW245/45R17 99V XL$635$314.1
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW255/35R19 96V XL$830$403.8
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 BW225/60R18 104H XL$518$260.28
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 RFT BW225/60R18 104H XL Runflat$579$288.34
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 RFT BW245/50R19 105V XL Runflat$763$372.98
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW265/50R19 110T XL$531$266.26
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-25-1 RFT BW205/55R17 91H Runflat$521$261.66
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW215/45R20 95V $672$331.12
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW225/50R17 94H $477$241.42
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 EXT BW225/50R17 94H $602$298.92
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/55R17 99T $422$216.12
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW225/60R17 99S $378$195.88
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW225/60R18 100S $447$227.62
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW245/50R18 100T $512$257.52
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BWP215/65R17 98S $372$193.12
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW215/65R16 98S $367$190.82
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW225/55R17 97T $411$211.06
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW225/55R18 98T $431$220.26
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BWP265/75R16 114R $391$201.86
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/65R19 XL 109T $411$211.06
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW235/40R19 96V XL$627$310.42
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 RFT BW225/55R17 97H Runflat$577$287.42
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 RFT BW225/50R18 95H Runflat$631$312.26
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW275/50R20 113S XL$604$299.84
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW275/55R19 111T $513$257.98
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/45R19 95S $503$253.38
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW245/60R20 107S $511$257.06
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/45R20 XL 100S $543$271.78
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW265/45R20 XL 108T $598$297.08
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM001 RFT BW225/50R17 94H Runflat$602$298.92
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW205/55R16 91H $313$165.98
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW215/60R16 95H $304$161.84
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW195/65R15 91H $241$132.86
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW205/60R16 92H $273$147.58
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW185/65R15 88T $244$134.24
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW225/50R17 94H $455$231.3
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW215/55R17 94H $369$191.74
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW225/45R17 91H $446$227.16
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW235/55R17 99H $411$211.06
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW225/55R17 97H $379$196.34
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW235/65R16 103T $333$175.18
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW225/60R17 99H $345$180.7
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW235/45R17 97H XL$483$244.18
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW215/50R17 95H XL$439$223.94
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW225/65R17 102H $322$170.12
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW215/60R17 96T $333$175.18
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW205/50R17 93H XL$387$200.02
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW215/45R17 91T XL$410$210.6
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW215/65R17 99T $328$172.88
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW225/40R18 92H XL$515$258.9
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW225/60R18 100H $422$216.12
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW245/40R18 97H XL$558$278.68
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW225/65R16 100T $315$166.9
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW235/50R18 101H XL$506$254.76
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW195/55R16 87H $340$178.4
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW225/50R18 95T $487$246.02
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW255/35R18 90H $568$283.28
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW215/55R18 95T $451$229.46
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW205/40R17 84H XL$372$193.12
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW205/65R15 94T $275$148.5
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW195/60R16 89H $278$149.88
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW215/70R15 98T $266$144.36
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW215/65R16 98H $302$160.92
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW215/55R16 97H XL$353$184.38
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW185/60R15 84T $247$135.62
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW235/65R17 104H $355$185.3
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW245/45R17 99H XL$493$248.78
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW235/60R17 102T $358$186.68
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW225/45R18 95H XL$473$239.58
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW225/55R18 98H $469$237.74
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW235/40R18 95H XL$549$274.54
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW205/65R16 95T $294$157.24
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW175/65R15 84H $232$128.72
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW245/50R18 104H XL$525$263.5
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW185/55R15 82H $258$140.68
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW185/55R16 87T XL$326$171.96
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS80 BW225/60R16 98H $319$168.74
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/75R15 109R XL$310$164.6
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW225/65R17 102S $325$171.5
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/55R18 100T $444$226.24
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/65R17 108S XL$375$194.5
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW225/70R16 103S $352$183.92
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/50R18 101T XL$427$218.42
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/70R16 106S $368$191.28
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/65R18 106S $466$236.36
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW215/70R16 100S $350$183
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW275/55R20 117T XL$570$284.2
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/60R18 107S XL$453$230.38
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW255/55R18 109T XL$490$247.4
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BWP255/60R19 108S $545$272.7
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/55R19 105T XL$457$232.22
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW255/50R20 109T XL$484$244.64
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW275/45R20 110T XL$631$312.26
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW275/40R20 106T XL$663$326.98
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW265/50R20 107T $559$279.14
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW265/60R18 110R $509$256.14
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW255/50R19 107T XL$479$242.34
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW245/60R18 105S $468$237.28
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW245/70R16 107S $382$197.72
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW235/55R20 102T $479$242.34
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW255/55R19 111T XL$498$251.08
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW245/65R17 107S $399$205.54
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW285/60R18 116R $552$275.92
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW255/60R18 112S XL$514$258.44
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BWP265/65R18 112R $523$262.58
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW225/75R16 104R $332$174.72
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW275/60R20 115R $601$298.46
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW275/60R18 113R $530$265.8
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BWP285/45R22 110T $737$361.02
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW215/70R17 101S $356$185.76
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BWP245/55R19 103T $520$261.2
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW245/70R17 110S $382$197.72
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BWP255/55R20 107T $504$253.84
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW255/70R17 112S $395$203.7
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BWP255/70R18 112S $439$223.94
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW265/70R17 115R $442$225.32
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW265/70R18 116R $463$234.98
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW245/75R16 111R $358$186.68
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW255/70R16 111S $398$205.08
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW265/65R17 112R $453$230.38
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW265/70R16 112R $410$210.6
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BW285/50R20 116T XL$605$300.3
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V2 BWP255/65R18 109S $502$252.92
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW275/40R19 101V $804$391.84
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW245/40R20 95W $915$442.9
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW295/35R20 105W XL$1198$573.08
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-25-1 RFT BW225/50R17 94H Runflat$602$298.92
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-25 RFT BW245/45R18 96V Runflat$832$404.72
BRIDGESTONEBlizzak LM-50 RFT BW OE ToyotaP225/60R17 98Q Runflat$378$195.88
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-25 RFT BW245/50R17 99H Runflat$690$339.4
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-25 4X4 RFT BW255/50R19 107V XL Runflat$851$413.46
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS70 BW225/60R16 98T$319$168.74
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS70 BW215/65R16 98T$319$168.74
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK WS70 BW195/60R15 88T $256$139.76
BRIDGESTONEBlizzak MZ-03 RFT BW OE Lexus245/40R18 93Q Runflat$691$339.86
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-25 RFT BW255/40RF20 97V Runflat$904$437.84
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-25 RFT BW285/35RF20 100V Runflat$1095$525.7
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-25 RFT BW205/55R16 91H Runflat$474$240.04
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK DM-V1 BWP235/75R16 109R XL$307$163.22
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-25 4X4 MOE BW255/50R19 107H XL$817$397.82
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-60 BW215/45R18 93H XL$521$261.66
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-60 RFT BW195/55R16 87H Runflat$456$231.76
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-60 RFT BW205/45R17 84H Runflat$521$261.66
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-60 RFT BW255/55R18 109H Runflat$780$380.8
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-60 RFT BW225/40R18 88H Runflat$673$331.58
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-25 RFT BW225/45R17 94V XL Runflat$621$307.66
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-25 RFT BW205/50R17 89H Runflat$502$252.92
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW215/45R17 91V XL$483$244.18
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW225/40R19 93V XL$684$336.64
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW225/50R18 95V $600$298
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW245/45R19 102V XL$708$347.68
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW255/45R18 103V XL$695$341.7
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW255/35R20 97H XL$855$415.3
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW245/45R20 99V $788$384.48
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW255/40R19 100V XL$764$373.44
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-80 EVO BW235/55R17 99H $484$244.64
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW275/35R19 96V $863$418.98
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW275/35R18 95V $760$371.6
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-80 BW255/50R19 XL 107V$696$342.16
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW225/45R19 96V XL$653$322.38
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW215/45R18 93V XL$541$270.86
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-32 BW265/35R19 98V XL$830$403.8
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-80 EVO BW235/50R18 97H $616$305.36
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK LM-60 RFT BWP235/55R18 99H Runflat$704$345.84
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK W965 BWLT235/85R16 120Q E$443$225.78
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK W965 BWLT245/75R16 120Q E$483$244.18
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK W965 BWLT265/75R16 123Q E$497$250.62
BRIDGESTONEBLIZZAK W965 BWLT265/70R17 121Q E$558$278.68

Some of The Premium Brands of Winter Tires We Offer Include


Michelin Winter TiresMichelin-logo

We also carry Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tires and the Michelin Winter Tires such as the X-Ice and Pilot Alpin.

Click this link or the image below to discover more about our Michelin Winter Tires.

TOYO Winter Tires


TOYO Winter Tires Are Safe and Reliable Winter Tires For Passenger Cars, Light Trucks, Vans and SUV’s.

Toyo takes winter driving and safety seriously and with Toyo tires you can get a great grip on winter too.

Pirelli Winter Tires

Click this link or the image below to discover more about our Pirelli Winter Tires.Winter-Tire-Logo-Pirelli

Pirelli is a premium tire brand and is highly in demand.

This season we have access to over 700 unique styles of tires to ensure you get the exact Pirelli’s you desire.

Our Entire Winter Tire Catalogue

Contact us today and we will be happy to help you get rolling with some great new Winter Tires.

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As far as Barrie winter tires go we have the tries it takes to help you get a terrific grip on the roads this year and for years to come.

The ANTARCTICA series of tires are a fantastic economical option you can choose for your Barrie winter tires this year.

We also sell many other excellent brands of Winter Tires.

Our entire catalogue of Barrie winter tires featuring is included above for you to browse through.

The brands of Winter tires we carry include:

  • Antares
  • BF Goodrich
  • Bridgestone Blizzak
  • Cooper
  • Falken
  • Firestone
  • Hankook
  • Kumho
  • Laufenn
  • Michelin
  • Nexen
  • Pirelli
  • Starfire
  • Toyo
  • Uniroyal
  • Yokohama
  • Zeta (Pricing and ordering available for Zeta available at the top of this page)

Contact us today so we can get started.

You can also visit us in person at our 25 Saunders Dr. Unit #5 location.

We are open on Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm and at the 400 Market on Saturday and Sunday.